FatesEnd2 Terra and Cosmos

Created by Kim Bourrie

3D Printable Dice Towers and More!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Organic Lifeform + Add ons!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 08:47:53 AM

YAY! Another Stretch Goal UNLOCKED! Great job everyone! We’ve unlocked 12 Stretch Goals so far! Today’s unlock: Organic Lifeform Dice Jail - Keep spreading the word so we can unlock more!

Other Updates:

I added larger concept art on https://www.fatesend.net/for-backers (scroll past FAQs).  Also, in the campaign I added previews for all stretch goals up to $200k! Check them out!

Add-ons: I added two "Add-ons" for unique situations a few of you have asked about:


This Add-on is for:

1) MERCHANTS who wish to add FatesEnd1 files only (license to sell FE1 prints is not included)

2) PERSONALIZE ONE backers who wish to add FatesEnd1 files only (license to sell FE1 prints is not included)

"ADD ONE Personalized Object"

This Add-on is for: any backers who wish to add one Personalized Object to their pledge. Since their original pledge includes access to the files, the cost of this Add-on will cover the time involved with customizing the object.

To include Add-ons, hit the Manage Your Pledge button, then select the add-ons you wish to include.

Due to feedback, we have an additional stretch goal at $160k for a FatesEnd Discord channel!

And last but not least, please be sure to check out my interview with James from Board Game Binge!  

 Thanks everyone! Keep spreading the word and let's get those Stretch Goal unlocks!!!

The Plague Doctor + Cthulhu preview
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 08:11:49 PM

Another Stretch Goal UNLOCKED! Great job everyone! We’ve unlocked 11 Stretch Goals so far! I have 40 total stretch goals planned - so keep sharing the word! Let’s see how far we can get down that list! :-)

Today’s unlock: The Plague Doctor:
A Physician by trade the poor he heals, With frogs and leeches and potions he spills, Protected by lavender and robes and masks, Your fate he holds - one of his vital tasks.

Concept art: Many of you have requested larger concept art. I’ve uploaded the larger versions here: https://www.fatesend.net/for-backers (Below FAQs) *IMPORTANT! Merchants - please do not list any FatesEnd2 objects for sale until you receive your Merchant IDs (after April 15th). I'll send you all new concept art that you may use at that time.

Medium Resin Printers:

I have been getting many request to split towers for smaller/medium resin printers. I own both the Saturn and the MonoX and they really are fantastic printers! I am currently exploring the option of cutting all files for this campaign medium resin printers. I do need to put more thought and print testing into this before I can guarantee all files can be printed by medium resin printers (Support-free, as always). Please stay tuned for my findings and decision. Small printers such and the Photon and the Mars are just too small to cut down. The Mayan temple would need to be cut into 13 parts to fit. 

5 more Dual License pledges until we unlock Extended Licenses from the 1st campaign!
From the Campaign: If we get more than 20 Dual-License ($550)backers in this campaign, we will extend ALL MERCHANT LICENCE durations from the FIRST campaign to match the end date of FatesEnd 2 licenses! YAY!

I’ve been adding unlocked Stretch Goals to the Production Schedule! Be sure to bookmark this link for release dates: https://www.fatesend.net/production-schedule

Lastly, I’ve finished modeling Cthulhu and the first print test went really well! (60% scale). I’ll be printing him at full scale this week and sharing photos/videos when he’s done, till then, here's a turn table video for you:

Printed in Prusa Mystic Brown, dry brushed with craft gold acrylic paint.

Unlocks + updates!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 07, 2021 at 09:53:02 PM

You have unlocked the Heaven & Hell tower! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! Our #FatesEnd2 hashtag posts went through the roof the last few days! WOO HOO! YOU GUYS DID IT!

You’ve also unlocked another GM Screen: The Sci-fi City! (Or will be soon, but I’ll be out and about today so I thought I’d unlock it early.) 

How will GM Screens work:

My plan (for now, I need to work on a prototype to work it all out before I can guarantee that this is my plan 100%) is to include two versions of the GM screens:

1) The first version would be a completely 3D printed version with shelving, and potentially hooks that attach to the shelves (they have to be support free, so I must prototype this first.) I may include a tongue/groove system so the shelves just slide through a groove through the width of the screen section (for easy printing)

2) The second version would contain the towers only with a channel running through the tall side of the pillars/towers where a screen can slide through between two towers using the grooves. I may come up with a groove system that works with the 3D printed screens as well as traditional screens, but I must prototype this first before I can guarantee that this will be the end solution.

There will be two dice towers on either end of the screen: one rolls the dice in, one rolls the dice out toward players. Some backers have said that they wanted one of the center towers to be the one that rolls the dice out, but I need to see how everything scales together. In that case, the center towers need to be tall enough to get enough momentum on the dice so it completes its roll, and thick enough to have a channel for the 20mm D20 to roll through. I’ll provide more details later in the campaign in an update when I have a solid plan in place for the GM screen. :-)

Here is the second video of me 3D modeling Cthulhu (Video 2): https://youtu.be/GW2Y9ckGSbw

Facebook Groups:

A number of new backers have requested access to the FatesEnd Facebook groups. I’m so sorry, we can’t add new backers to the Facebook groups until this campaign funds (usually 2 weeks after the campaign ends, around April 15th.) We will be sending out Facebook links to backers then.

Merchants: Please don’t sell/list any FatesEnd2 items (from this campaign) until you receive your FatesEnd2 ID. I’ll be sending them out after this campaign funds (usually 2 weeks after the campaign ends, around April 15th.)

Small format resin printers: This is a bummer, but I won’t be cutting up all of the files to work on small format resin printers like the Photon or the Mars. Some makers will cut up 8” tall minis (or what I call maxis) however, minis are solid in the center, whereas dice towers have an internal channel for the dice to roll through. Depending on the designs, some walls won't be thick enough to support tongue/groove systems in 2.5"x4.5” chunks throughout the entire tower. I'm sorry, I won't be cutting these up to print at 100% for the Photon, Mars or other tiny resin printers. Their print areas are just toooooo small. :-(

Lastly - OH MY GOSH!!!! GUYS! #makersmuse featured the Mayan Temple in his video today!!!!! I WATCH HIS STUFF ALL THE TIME! Thank you Makers Muse! (Timestamp: 10:55) https://youtu.be/3YZyKPs81a0&t=10m55s

Next unlock + Cthulhu modeling underway!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 01:48:30 AM

Oh yeah! Another Stretch Goal unlocked! That takes it to eight unlocked so far (a total of 23 unique objects!) Let's keep it going! 

A lot of backers have been asking me to share a live stream of me modeling. Since I’ve never done live streaming before, I thought I’d start with a screen share then go from there. Check it out! 3D modeling of Cthulhu (Video 1): https://youtu.be/AFh0L2Ul9QI

If you missed our LAUNCH Twitch Stream and you'd like to experience the excitement, feel free to watch it here: https://youtu.be/5GWVnsEzr2U (Video evidence that we were fully funded in 1:49!) WOO! Thanks everyone! This was my first attempt at Twitch streaming and frankly, I didn’t get everything set up correctly this time. Sorry guys, there’s no chat window in the video, so there’s not a lot of context to my comments. Just pretend I’m crazy, and you'll be good to go.   

I’ll be giving Twitch another try on March 30th/March 31st for the last day of our campaign! Join us then!  https://www.twitch.tv/kimboltcreations

Update on Social Media Challenge: As of 11:00 am MST Thursday morning we've had 108 Shares! There's 142 shares to go till we unlock the Heaven and Hell tower! LET'S DO THIS! To unlock the Heaven & Hell Dice Tower, share this campaign on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Be sure to tag #FatesEnd2!

10x Funded within the first 24 hours! WOO!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 04, 2021 at 01:42:59 AM

WOW! What a stupendous first 24 hours! WE DID IT! I honestly don't even know how to fully express how grateful I am - Thanks everyone! 

Here are the Stretch Goals we unlocked in that time! Gaze upon the glory of the files that will be yours! (In time.) I'm so excited to continue sharing all the fun stretch goals with you throughout the next 29 days! What do you hope is coming down the line?   

*I made a mistake in the previous image. The Zombie Ghost Town is a Dice Tower

Our Social Media Challenge has about 182 shares to go before the Heaven and Hell tower unlocks! KEEP SHARING this campaign and please include #FatesEnd2 (so we can count them). :-)  Don't worry, we counted all shares we could find with #FatesEnd yesterday, they're just harder to pick out.

I started adding FAQs. Please give them a look over and let me know if there are any questions you have for me not included there.

We hosted a Twitch stream yesterday at launch, but it looks like it didn't save to Twitch. :-(  New tech, so sorry! I'll be uploading it to YouTube and I'll be sure to include it in the next update.  

Thanks everyone! With such a strong start, I believe we'll make it pretty far down the Stretch Goal list! I can't wait to share them with you!