FatesEnd2 Terra and Cosmos

Created by Kim Bourrie

3D Printable Dice Towers and More!

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NEW Add-ons! Holiday Ornaments & BANKS! Oh my!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 07:58:05 PM

**EDIT! It's working! Expect to see the Cthulhu paint Organizer unlock soon! (I'll do that update later to give this one time to percolate!) 

In an effort to offer more options while (hopefully) unlocking MORE Stretch Goals, I decided to offer these special Add-ons for all Loot-All, Merchant, or Personalized Backers! Scroll down to see pricing and some screenshots on how to add Add-ons:

Holiday Ornaments! These are really simple but they were a lot of fun to give away to my friends and neighbors last season! I printed mine in resin, about 2" tall and spray painted them with gold or silver spray paint! It's hard to get a photo that does them justice!   

The GM Tower Holiday Ornament!

Add-on pricing for Holiday Ornaments:

$12 - Holiday Ornaments of all FE1 Towers & Dice Jails
 By Adding this Add-On, you will receive an additional Holiday Ornament version of all 35 towers and 8 Dice Jails from FatesEnd1 (with a small loop at the top to easily hang from a tree!) Imagine The GM tower on your tree, or the Octopunk Tower, or the Gelatinous Cube! These make GREAT gifts! (FE1 Merchants, purchasing this add-on adds these Holiday Ornaments to your License!)

$12 - Holiday Ornaments of all FE2 Towers & Boxes
 By Adding this Add-On, you will receive an additional Holiday Ornament version of every tower (18 unlocked so far) and Dice Containers (9 unlocked so far) from FatesEnd2 (with a small loop at the top to easily hang!!) Imagine the Battle Mech tower on your tree, or the Haunted House, or the Treasure Dragon! These make GREAT gifts! (FE2 Merchants, purchasing this add-on adds these Holiday Ornaments to your License!)

BANKS! I gave a way a few bonus banks in the previous campaign (just for fun) but I didn't have the time to get them as perfect as I wanted. Adding this as an Add-on will allow me to use part of my production schedule to develop an improved plug! Here's an example of the Tiamat Bank: 

$15 - Banks of all FE1 Towers
 By Adding this Add-On, you will receive an additional COIN BANK version of all 35 towers from FatesEnd1! Imagine the Fairy tower as a bank! Or the Mimic Tower! Or the Brewery Tower! (FE1 Merchants, purchasing this add-on adds these BANKS to your License!) *****NEW IMPROVED version vs the free bonus Banks!

$15 - Banks of all FE2 Towers
 By Adding this Add-On, you will receive an additional COIN BANK version of every tower from FatesEnd2 (18 unlocked so far!) Imagine the Cthulhu tower as a bank! Or the Starfinder! Or the Plague Doctor! These make GREAT gifts! (FE2 Merchants, purchasing this add-on adds these BANKS to your License!)

How to add Add-Ons:  

So, what about the Banks Stretch Goal? Well, I'll be removing that and moving up the World Tree! One less speed bump in the way of those last few Stretch Goals! HOORAY!!!!

Sand Citadel = Unlocked!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 02:03:53 AM

The Sand Citadel has been unlocked! 

And that brings us to 29 Objects (so far!)

  • 17 Dice Towers (and 17 Decorative towers!)
  • 9 Dice Boxes (Dice jails & vaults)
  • 2 GM Screen holders (TWO dice towers per Screen Holder!)
  • 1 Paint Organizer

I am getting a lot of requests to make locked stretch goals as Add-ons, while this is a good idea, sadly, the math just doesn't add up. When we get this high with a campaign, my costs increase exponentially. I’d hate to promise something as an add-on and come up short. It makes a lot more sense (from a financial standpoint) to offer any locked stretch goals in a 3rd KS campaign after this one has been delivered in full. Yep, 3rd campaign! When filling out the survey, please don't forget to add your wish list!

Tomorrow is a big day for this campaign! At 10 am MST, we will hit our 48 hours left mark and that's when Kickstarter sends out an email to everyone following this campaign with that reminder! I expect we will see a few unlocks in the next two days! I can’t wait to see how far we get!

over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 01:42:59 AM

>>>> As of now, the Jelly Bean$ Guesses are locked! I can’t wait to see who won! :-) <<<<

We have less than 5 days left! (Reminder: This campaign ends on: Wed, March 31 2021 10:02 AM MST)

Ye have unlocked Davy Jones Locker! YARRRR! (*As usual, I'm a little early, but I want to go play Valhalla tonight!)  

Take a close look at the Upcoming Stretch Goals! Due to feedback, I reduced the distance between Stretch Goals from $10k to $8k. We’re so close! I can’t wait to see what gets unlocked in the next 4 days!

All unlocked Stretch Goals are in the Production Schedule! Don’t forget to Bookmark this for future reference! https://www.fatesend.net/production-schedule

Don’t forget that you can see larger concept art here (scroll past FAQs):  https://www.fatesend.net/for-backers

This campaign was featured on GeekDad.com! Check it out! https://geekdad.com/2021/03/kickstarter-quick-pick-fates-end-2-terra-and-cosmos-3d-printable-dice-towers/

Lastly, I greatly appreciate all of you who have reached out with ways to get more potential backers! Thank you everyone! I think our last two days are going to be eventful! <3

Contest & Today's Stretch Goal Unlock! PLUS News for Resin Printers!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 04:49:55 AM


10 days to go! How far do you think we're going to get? Let’s do a contest! Write your guess in the comments below IN THIS UPDATE -one guess per person! The winner (who is closest to guess what we end up funding for) will receive their choice of my personal favorite Resin (Siraya Tech Blu) or my favorite Filament (Shengtian Copper)! If there’s a tie, we’ll have to do a coin toss (or dice roll) to pick the winner. (If you can, please convert your guess into USD since that's what I'll be seeing on my end.) To the spoils, goes the victor!  

It's a little early (I have to get back to my family plans for tonight) so today's unlock is.... 

Lastly, some good news Resin fans! I now can officially say that I will be supporting Elegoo Saturn, Anycubic MonoX and similar-sized resin printers (192 x 120 x 200mm) at FULL SCALE! (WOO HOOO!) I have sliced the Mayan Temple into two parts vertically for Saturn and MonoX printers and the print tests have been successful, however, you may need to use rubber bands or a vice to glue the two pieces together effectively. Feel free to give it a go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4751295

Have a great weekend everyone!

$100K - BAM! Decorative Towers are unlocked!!!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 10:23:24 PM


You've unlocked Decorative Towers! What are they? They're an almost identical version of the dice tower but without the holes for dice and with a closed door. Decorative Towers make excellent buildings for your adventurers to discover throughout their travels.  

 I went ahead and released the Preview list of Stretch Goals up to $200k. We have 13 days left, how far do you think we're going go? (Seriously, should we do a contest to see who's closest?)

At the current count, we will be donating 10+ games to our local Children's Hospital. Thanks Mythos Games! Since all backers helped this happen, I thought it would be fair if you had a say in what games we donate. The list is coming soon - stay tuned to cast your vote!

Other Updates (Same as the last update, but I wanted to share it again to make sure everyone had a chance to see them)

I added larger concept art on https://www.fatesend.net/for-backers (scroll past FAQs). 

Add-ons: I added two "Add-ons" for unique situations a few of you have asked about:


This Add-on is for:

1) MERCHANTS who wish to add FatesEnd1 files only (license to sell FE1 prints is not included)

2) PERSONALIZE ONE backers who wish to add FatesEnd1 files only (license to sell FE1 prints is not included)

"ADD ONE Personalized Object"

This Add-on is for: any backers who wish to add one Personalized Object to their pledge. Since their original pledge includes access to the files, the cost of this Add-on will cover the time involved with customizing the object.

To include Add-ons, hit the Manage Your Pledge button, then select the add-ons you wish to include.

And lastly, due to feedback, we have an additional stretch goal at $160k for a FatesEnd Discord channel! $160k is the magic number that gives me enough budget to hire an assistant to help with communications and admin (and I'll be training her to 3D model as well!) When I started this whole venture last year, I had no idea how much time communications and admin would require and I kept working late nights and weekends on a weekly basis and I would very much like to lock my work time to 40hrs/week instead of the 50-60hrs/week I've been working for the last year. She can help me with that big time! Fingers crossed that we get there! :-)