FatesEnd2 Terra and Cosmos

Created by Kim Bourrie

3D Printable Dice Towers and More!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Gift of Play! Vote on the games you want to give!
10 months ago – Mon, Apr 05, 2021 at 11:24:26 PM

The Gift of Play! 

Wow! We unlocked 16 games for the Gift of Gaming special stretch goal! Now is your chance to vote for your top 16 games for the kids at Primary Children’s Hospital! (Age range: Newborns -- 17 year olds!) Cast your Vote Here! (Survey will close on Thursday)! Thanks Mythos Games!    

Late Pledges

If you wanted to back this campaign but didn’t get a chance before the campaign ended, you can back it here! (IMPORTANT >>> Backers: DO NOT upgrade using this link, it won't include your initial pledge. Please wait for Surveys. We're aiming on releasing them next Friday.)

Coming up Next Week: After this campaign finishes funding, we'll be sending out the following to backers:

  • Surveys!
  • Discord link (Backers only!)
  • Facebook group links (you must include your backer email address and agree to the group rules.)
  • Crystal Tower
  • Cthulhu
  • Merchant-approved Concept art

Lastly, Merchant Licenses are coming, however, we need all of the Kickstarter data to finish transferring to BackerKit then we will need to match all FatesEnd1 Merchants with their pledge from this campaign, so it will take a bit to get those worked out before sending out new licenses. 

WE DID IT!!! Now, for some housekeeping...
10 months ago – Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 04:33:28 PM

Phew! Man, I am TIRED, but we did it! Great job everyone!

I’m getting a billion questions from all the places, so I’ll try to answer the majority of them here as well:

1) My CC didn’t go through, what do I do? Click on the “Manage your pledge" button located at the top of the Project Page. On the next page, click “Update payment method” and from there, select “Add a new card” to update your payment information.

2) The campaign says that Unlocked Stretch Goals will be part of the next campaign, is that right? Nope, big typo on our part: LOCKED Stretch Goals will be included in the next campaign (after this one is delivered in full!) Sadly, it’s too late and once the campaign ended, we were locked out from editing the campaign.

3) What happens now? Kickstarter will give everyone 7 days to update their CC info, then 7 days after that, we fund! (around April 15th). After that point, I’ll start sending out Backer Surveys, Facebook Group links, Discord info, Merchant Licenses and Merchant-approved concept art. Merchants, until then, your license won’t be valid, so please, do not list anything for sale until then.

4) Can I still back this campaign? We will have a Late Pledge option after we fund, but until then, I don’t think you can, so just wait, you’ll be able to around April 15th! Be sure to follow the updates for more details!

5) Can I join the FB group now? I’m so sorry, we can’t add new backers to the Facebook groups until this campaign funds (usually 2 weeks after the campaign ends, around April 15th.) We will be sending out Facebook links to backers then.

6) What is the discord? We will send out the link after the campaign funds (around April 15th).

7) Who was the winner of Jellybean Contest? ZeroCool guessed $161,882! Holy Moly!! They were 46 Jelly Beans away!

Lastly, we unlocked a total of 16 games for our local Children’s Hospital! Thanks everyone! Giving the gift of fun to these kids is really the best thing! Thanks guys! 

10 months ago – Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 12:11:31 PM

WE DID IT! Congrats everyone! Expect an update soon with details on next steps, dates and all the juicy details!

Next Unlock: Assistant Avalee & Majestic Alicorn!
10 months ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 11:40:20 PM

We’ve unlocked Assistant Avalee, complete with Discord unlock! WOO! So, who is this lovely lady? Well, let’s let her do the talking!

Hiya! I’m Avalee, I spend an unorthodox amount of time watching people play video games on the interweb. I adore the Tomb Raider franchise, Little Nightmares and Minecraft (one of these things is not like the other). I’m also an avid board game player from Mysterium to Adventurers to Gloom (I will love you forever if you know what Gloom is) and I casually play Magic: The Gathering. I’ve always been a tad (a lot) bit obsessed with art. I think the biggest thing that drew me into drawing was my love of Dragons (does this need to be capitalized? I think it should be).

I was lucky enough to attend the fantastic CTEC program for Digital Arts and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Especially 3D Sculpting which quickly became my favorite.

I am ecstatic at the opportunity to work with the one and only KIMBOLT (aka Kim aka Pinki) and I look forward to getting to know YOU wonderful backers!


Necrotic Lord GM Screen! LAST PUSH!
10 months ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 08:55:33 PM


Als, intimidate your players in style with the Necrotic Lord GM Screen!

Merchant Upgrade after campaign completion:
I'll be offering both the Merchant License and the Dual License as upgrades in the Pledge Manager, so you can upgrade later if you wish. Your original pledge will be discounted from the cost of the upgrade. Please note that the cost of the Merchant License will increase to the last Merchant Group ($285) and it won't go towards locked stretch goals after the campaign ends.