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3D Printable Dice Towers and More!

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Fates eternal battle between judgment and mercy!
5 months ago – Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 10:59:12 AM

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your last month of summer!

Hey, did you know that the GM screen was designed to hold other types of screen solutions? Just slide your screen in through the grooves and venture forth!

I was given the opportunity to help the legendary Tracy and Laura Hickman with their next big venture! (Don’t worry, it won't affect our production schedule in any way, but do expect some exciting details over the next few months!) Here's the next sneak peak! 

Speaking of which - watch me play a quick session of DND with Tracy and Laura Hickman!

If you live in Utah, join us at Mythos Games! The first 6 players who show up get a hot spot at the table! If you don't live in Utah, Tracy and Laura will be streaming live every Wednesday! 

OK, here it is! Here is today’s release! The Heaven and Hell tower. This tower represents the eternal battle between judgment and mercy. Roll your dice to reveal your fate! 

Some of you requested to have the ability to print thistower 6’ tall. Yep, 6 feet tall.... I'm a bit behind in my schedule so an AWESOME backer is helping me with this request. Please expect it to take some time. That’s a really time-consuming task and to manage expectations, this is not something I can do with any other tower at this time. :-)

OUR FIRST GM SCREEN IS OUT! Now, on to the Stretch Goals!
6 months ago – Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 02:54:34 AM

Hi everyone! Well, we did it! With today’s delivery, we have officially delivered ALL of the Core Campaign items! YAY! Now, on to the STRETCH GOALS! WOO!

SOME BIG (non-FatesEnd, but related) NEWS: I was given the opportunity to help the legendary Tracy and Laura Hickman with their next big venture! (Don’t worry, it won't affect our production schedule in any way, but do expect some exciting details over the next few months!) Here's a little sneak peak! 

 BANKS: For those of you who purchased the FE1 banks as an add-on, a number of them are ready for you, but during our audit process we discovered a few issues and they’re currently in the fix-it que. My goal is to deliver all of them to you by the end of THIS week.

Citadel GM Screen! Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for! Our first GM Screen! Please take a look at the images in the directory for assembly. Due to the modular nature of the GM Screens, there are a lot of files to sift through. I provided an image that indicates which parts you’ll want to print to match the renders/concept art. 

Marooned Pirate Ship, GM Screen start and Process for Requests:
7 months ago – Tue, Jul 06, 2021 at 01:32:05 AM

Surprise Update! Happy 4th to backers in the US! Hope you had a great holiday and didn’t set anything overly expensive on fire.

BANKS: For those of you are struggling with the bank cap, here is an easy and cheap solution to keep the caps in place (filmed with one hand, sorry for awkwardness).   

Bank Scaling:  I usually print banks at 80%. When printed at 100%, the coin insert hole is scaled to work with larger coins such as the US Kennedy half dollar which is no longer in circulation, but when printed at 80% US quarters work just fine.

Fix-it Requests: Please send fix-it requests to FatesEndRequests@gmail.com
I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by requests and messages around the clock, to help, we have a new system in place for feedback and requests.

We will prioritize requests as follows:

1) Dice getting stuck: If you have a D20mm dice (or smaller) that gets stuck one out of fifteen rolls (or more) on a tower printed at 100%, this would be considered our top priority.

2) Support-free printing issues (high incline, overhangs, etc.)

3) Glaring visual issues

4) Other issues

If you have a print that you believe needs to be revisited, please send photos/screenshots of the issue as a fix-it request (FatesEndRequests@gmail.com). Also, because there are so many of you, I do get a lot of PMs over the weekends and at night. I really need to stop responding off-work hours to work-related messages. My 5 year old keeps yelling "No Phone!" when I'm putting him to bed. I work 50 hrs/week (plus nights sometimes) - I really need to focus on my family when I'm with them.

I’ll be doing one round of fixes after the GM Screen and again after the last tower is released.

"Hey Kim, can you.... (insert request here)"
 While I do very much appreciate that so many backers are invested in this project, I'm getting a constant barrage of requests outside of what has been promised from this campaign. All backers really should take a moment to review the Production Schedule as a reminder to what has been promised in this campaign: https://www.fatesend.net/production-schedule 

I don't like saying no all the time, but I really can’t take on new requests right now - I need to continue focusing on what I’ve promised to deliver for FE2.


Upgrades have been automatically locked down though Backerkit (sorry, I didn't know they did this.) However, you can still upgrade through PayPal. Please contact me if you want to upgrade and I'll send you instructions. FatesEndTowers@gmail.com

Our first GM Screen: I’ve begun modeling and print testing our first GM Screen Tower. The towers will have grooves to support existing screens (some common homemade solutions) as well as 3d printable screens. The included screens will have a middle shelf for 32mm Minis, however, I won’t be including clips or other items. (There’s a lot of solutions for clips that can be found on MyMinFactory.) Just a reminder that I’ve allocated two weeks for GM screens.  Please see the Production schedule for release date.

Here are some sneak peak photos of the first tower (there will be four per GM Screen, two of which will be dice towers, one on each end - one rolling dice in to the GM, one rolling dice out.) Please note that the printable screen panels will be textured. You can find the original concept art here: https://www.fatesend.net/   

Screens will slide between two towers

And today’s Release: Marooned Pirate Tower. Due to the unique nature of this tower, Decorative and Bank versions will be a single ship instead of two broken parts like the dice tower.   

Starfinder & Dragon Hoard
7 months ago – Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 12:43:13 PM

Hi everyone! 

Please don't forget - you can always access links to your files here: https://fatesend.backerkit.com/

And always keep an eye on the Production Schedule. This is where I make notes for fixes and release dates. https://www.fatesend.net/production-schedule

We've got only two core items left after today, then it's on to Stretch Goals! Woo!

Here is the Starfinder (with built in tray)

And... The Dragon Hoard!

I was sure to include a version with the mouth open, but it's not recommended for FDM printers. The Teeth really need tiny supports to print correctly. 

The Gift of Play + OctoTank + Haunted House
7 months ago – Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 11:31:18 PM

Giving The Gift of Play! Not only did you guys help us fund this campaign (and unlock a ton of stretch goals), you helped us give the Gift of Play to some wonderful kids! With Mythos Games help, we donated 18 table top games to Primary Children’s Hospital! It was such an amazing experience to help out these kids who are fighting for their lives. So THANK YOU everyone!! This was a feat we could not have done without you guys! The representative from the hospital was super grateful and excited for these kids. - Avalee  

Kim, Avalee and Scott (from Mythos Games)

 “These games… make a huge difference. Especially right now with Covid, our Playrooms have been shut down. These games really help,  the kids can play with us or their families, and that really helps them to heal, so thank you!” -Primary Children’s Representative. 

This truly was a touching experience. These games will help countless kids for years and years to come. From here on out, we plan on continuing to donate tabletop games to those in need in future Kickstarter Campaigns! Thank you for your support! If you know any other game developers who wish to donate a copy of their game(s), please send them our way, (or if you know any groups who could use the Gift of Play, let us know.) We’re planning on giving to the local Women's Shelter through a portion of the proceeds from the next campaign. -Kim    

REMINDERS: Production Schedule: Backers do not receive email notifications when files are updated. Please keep an eye on the Production Schedule for file fixes and file release dates. Also, there's a Dice Scale tab at the bottom with tower scales based on dice size.

Print Testing Group (FE2 Backers only). If you're a FE2 backer and you want to help print test, please join this FB Group (include your backer email address)  then send me an email with your backer email address, then I'll send you the invite to the Print Test Google Drive. FatesEndTowers@gmail.com *Please do not release any photos of print tests until the files are officially released.

Facebook groups: If you asked to be part of any of the groups and was declined, please try again. We had to decline a lot of requests that didn’t include their backer info or agree to the group rules.

NEW MERCHANTS: If you did not receive your Merchant License, please send me an email (with your backer email address) and I’ll issue you one: FatesEndTowers@gmail.com (***Backerkit does not send me any sort of notification when new backers purchase a Merchant License, so I need backers to contact me for their licenses.)  If you find a FatesEnd Listing that doesn’t include the Merchant License, please send me an email: FatesEndTowers@gmail.com.

LATEST RELEASES: (Check your BackerKit links/Google Drives for access to these files)

OctoTank (Dice Vault)   

The Haunted House: (Note: I completely rebuilt the bank plug, included with the Haunted House Bank, and I will go back and replace all of the existing plugs with the new design soon.)